Alpine Anesthesia
Alpine Anesthesia
Pain Control After Surgery

IV Medications - Upon awakening, you will be taken to the recovery room where our PACU nurses will assess your pain and provide you with enough pain medications to ensure your comfort. They will continue to provide medication for you until you are discharged.

Nerve Blocks - For extremity surgeries, we can place a nerve block that will drastically reduce your pain after surgery.  These blocks are performed under ultrasound guidance. They provide pain relief from 12-24 hours after surgery.

Continuous Nerve Catheters - For procedures expected to have increased post operative pain, a continuous peripheral nerve catheter may be placed. This is placed similarly to the nerve blocks listed above. You will go home with a pain pump that will deliver medication continuously through the catheter for 48-72 hours providing you with significant pain relief.

Day of Surgery

Prior to your procedure an anesthesia provider will take a medical history and discuss anesthesia options with you.  If a nerve block is planned, it will be done prior to your procedure under sedation. You will then be taken to the operating room.  Monitors will be placed and you will be given oxygen. Either sedation or general anesthesia will be induced at this time through your IV.

After the procedure is finished you will be taken to the recovery room. Recovery is approximately one hour.


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